STAR Curriculum is the board adopted curriculum for the autism early intervention special day classes. STAR Online Learning System (SOLS) will be used for eLearning. SOLs is designed to provide students access to remote learning opportunities. Through evidence-based lesson plans and scope and sequence that provides scaffolded learning opportunities, teachers can provide students individualized instruction.

SOLS has three strands that have been leveled to meet the continuum of needs for all students and included content that can be individualized to meet each student’s IEP goals.

Strand A sessions are for students who may have difficulty attending to the teacher during an online session. The focus of these sessions will be guiding caregivers to teacher students’ new skills both during synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Strand B sessions are for students who are able to attend for short periods of time and will be a combination of direct teaching and caregiver coaching both during synchronous and asynchronous learning

Strand C sessions are for students who are able to attend for the entire session and will be direct teaching between student and teacher during synchronous learning.

  • Social communication
  • Attending
  • Imitating and Following commands
    • Object imitation: toys
    • Following commands
    • Following complex commands
  • Responding to and Using Language
    • Object imitation: toys
    • Identification and labeling nouns
    • Identification and labeling of functions
  • Functional Academics: Literacy
    • Matching or identifying colors, objects, pictures
    • Identifying letters or letter sounds
    • Matching sight words to pictures
  • Functional Academics
    • Imitation with books
    • Identification of items in books
    • Expanded identification of items in books
  • Functional Academics: Math
    • Matching or identifying shapes
    • Counting, identifying, and labeling numbers
    • Counting from memory, identifying, and labeling numbers, adding, and subtracting, identifying money
  • Functional Academics: Science
    • Matching nouns
    • Categorizing pictures
    • Answering a variety of questions
  • Increase Social Skills
    • Identifying body parts
    • Identification of people or social questions
    • Answering personal complex questions
  • Understanding and Expressing Actions
    • Gross motor imitation
    • Actions: Verbs
    • Describing actions
  • Increasing Fine Motor Skills
    • Put-in tasks and drawing with a marker
    • Tracing or drawing lines and shapes and copying words
    • Copying words, writing from dictation, and writing from memory

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